Why Background Checks are so important

The world is nowadays more connected than ever. The East African region has become a true hub of business development for the entire continent.

Obstacles of movement of both labour and capital across countries have been systematically removed. Freedom brings development and change, but it also poses security issues.

Who is working with you? Do you truly know them? With great power comes great responsibility. This is were we come in.

We make sure you deal with the right people by running a number of customizable background checks.

Peleza Physical Check

You want to know if you can trust the people you are dealing with. That’s all you want. Unfortunately in most cases this answer cannot be achieved by searching databases. In our experience crucial information, especially when it comes to both vendor and employee screening, is not stored anywhere. We have developed a set of copyrighted questionnaires that allows us to find out what you intend to know about your contacts.